International Commerce Group (ICG) is a change agent and an international broker of innovative market development services focused on best practices in business development, economic development and wealth creation in emerging economies. ICG model is based on a full understanding of the unique market potential that exists at the bottom of the (economic) pyramid (BOP) and the unconventional approach to product introduction, pricing, positioning, marketing and distribution that is required to tap into this latent market.

Fully Two-thirds of the world's population live s at the bottom of the (economic) pyramid (BOP). This represents a largely untapped market of between 4 and 5 billion potential consumers and creative entrepreneurs, who are poised to become the engine of the next phase of growth in global trade . Yet, few firms recognize or acknowledge the BOP's market potential and fewer still understand what is required to tap into the opportunities it provides.

ICG 's core business offerings are strategically crafted to maximize the latent opportunities of the emerging BOP market. And, we are ideally positioned to exploit two distinct points of entry to this market:

  1. Directly as product and service brokers to companies interested in exporting appropriate products and services to BOP markets.
  1. Indirectly as business development consultants to multinational firms who have identified the BOP potential but have not been able to develop appropriate product, service or marketing and distribution strategies; and

Our consultants and strategists, market development specialists, logistics experts, financial analysts, engineers and technicians can:

  1. identify critical product and service needs of emerging economies and BOP populations;
  2. facilitate product/service design (or redesign) for suitability to the BOP market;
  3. develop product pricing, positioning, marketing and distribution strategies appropriate for BOP markets;
  4. facilitate the development of local capabilities;
  5. facilitate the de-skilling of operations, as may be required;
  6. build and nurture private/public sector partnerships essential for success in emerging economies; and
  7. create market eco-system¹ models that can be scaled and replicated across BOP markets.

ICG initial target markets are the countries of Sub-Sahara Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, North America and Brazil.

¹In the context of emerging economies and the BOP, a market eco-system refers to the symbiotic relationship between private sector entities, micro-enterprise entrepreneurs, social institutions (e.g., non-government organizations and international aid agencies) and local governments.

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