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Doing business directly with one or more manufacturers or service providers can:

  • Reduce your supply costs (See our Case Study)
  • Increase the stability of your supply chain (through multiple suppliers)
  • Differentiate your company's offering in terms of quality, selection, availability and cost


However, finding a qualified international supplier who can deliver your order on time and to your specifications can be difficult. International Commerce Group's experts have years of experience in the top international markets and can quickly locate the most fitting partner for your international business endeavour. We use your specific criteria to locate reliable and trustworthy suppliers who are interested in and able to do business with your company.

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Problem: Company X has been in business for 20 years selling lamps directly to consumers in the United States. They have recently audited their supply costs and realize that the wholesaler, who currently imports the lamps, is marking the product up too high. Company X wants to "cut out the middleman" and consider the possibility of importing the lamps themselves. However, Company X is concerned about pleasing its customers and wants to be certain that a new international supplier can reliably deliver a high quality product that is approved for sale in the United States.

Solution: Company X contacts ICG with its criteria and initiates a supplier search that includes potential manufacturers in several countries throughout Asia and South America. ICG locates eight reputable suppliers with ISO certification and a minimum of five years of import/export experience and returns contact data, manufacturers' brochures, product pricing, and shipping terms to Company X. Company X evaluates the costs and benefits to its organization and decides to work with a manufacturer from South Korea. ICG negotiates with the manufacturer to arrange for the delivery of product samples and, upon approval by Company X, secures a contract for one container load of a variety of lamps.

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