A New Revolutionary Building Methodology

The 3-D Construction System is a new revolutionary building methodology utilizing high strength and load bearing modular panels for entire construction


  • 3-dimensional welded wire space frame strengthened with an Expanded Polystyrene insulation core.
  • Strength and rigidity derives from the diagonal truss wires welded to the wire mesh (cover mesh)


  • Rightly engineered dimension as a load bearing construction element
  • Correct execution of the 3- dimensional truss configuration
  • Truly straight truss wires from weld point to weld point
  • Maximum of weld points between trusses and reinforcing cover mesh
  • Quick erection of construction structures
  • Light weight - a standard panel weighs less than 20 kg.
  • Simple construction method, easy to understand and does not require skilled labor.
  • Unparalleled rigidity and stiffness of the 3-D Panel makes the erection of constructions an easy job:
  • No buckling or bending of panels
  • Simple bracing to hold panels in required position
  • Easy fixing of rough frames for doors and windows
  • Simple and quick installation of utilities.
  • Perfect building quality with uniform concrete thickness throughout giving highest structural strength as well as minimizing cement consumption.



  • Fast, Simple erection of structures with unskilled labor in only a matter of hours and days instead of days and weeks.
  • Very simple installation of utilities such as electrical conduits or piping, water and sewer pipes.
  • Use of high strength load bearing panels for walls, floors, slabs and roofs.
  • Cutting of openings for windows and doors is a matter of minutes only.
  • Elimination of additional beams and columns.
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation resulting from the locked-in core body.
  • Monolithic structure of the total building for high strength with continuous reinforcement.
  • Hurricane/Typhoon proof design even at highest wind loads.
  • Earthquake resistant due to the low masses of 3-D constructions.
  • 3-D Panels can be cut quickly to any size or to any particular shape to suit architectural design concepts.
  • Economical use of construction material.
  • No use of timber, therefore, natural forest resources are conserved.
  • Long life of buildings
  • Complete design flexibility.

A simple, Safe, SecureD, cost effective solution to housing and shelter!!

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