Liquid Ready Mix Flowable Fill


  • This is a flowable mixture that contains cement, sand, fly ash, water, and/or air and/or surfacant admixtures.
  • Each mix is designed, batched and its flowability adjusted by the ready mix supplier for the needs of each specific use.
  • This product can be designed to pump through a regular concrete pump, a mud jack pump or grout pump by the proper use of air, water and/or flyash.
  • Flowable Fill is a substitute for compacted gravel. It has many qualities superior to compacted gravel such as: uniformity, known strength in place, higher bearing capabilities, less permeable, more stable, sets under water, no equipment or labor.
  • Flowable Fill is an environmentally safe material that can be disposed of as regular construction material. After it has been excavated it loses its flowability and does not act as a compacted material.
  • Flowable Fill can even be placed into a hole full of water and it will set up properly with the desired compaction.
  • Flowable Fill can be heated and can be lump free in cold weather. This is a big difference from regular gravel materials, which are usually full of frost and lumps in the winter. After pouring it is best to protect the Flowable Fill with hay or blankets in cold weather.
  • Flowable Fill could be mixed with different types of safe ad-ons in the construction of a building.
  • Flowable Fill contains a lot of water that must be pushed out by the settling of heavier materials. The no air/fly ash mixes take 90+% of their settlement in the first 1.5 to 2 hours, with minimal settlement thereafter. The high air (25-30%) mixes have minimal settlement.


  • Excellent Structural Integrity
  • Superior Affordable Housing from single family to whole developments
  • Exceptionally strong Framing - Concrete Based Structure
  • Lower Construction Costs
  • Quick Erection of Structures
  • Shorter Construction Time
  • Affordable

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