TechBuilt Systems

What are Thermotech 21 Panels?:

  • Highly insulated building panels with a core of rigid insulation supported with exterior and interior steel framing members made from 1" x 2" 18 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Steel framing members are joined together with self-tapping screws to provide a warp-free integral structure
  • Adjacent panels are joined with top and bottom 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" steel angles which are secured with self-tapping screws.


  • Quick Erection
  • Excellent Structural Integrity
  • Unprecedented Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Job Site Safety
  • Superior Affordable Housing from single family to whole developments
  • Tremendous Design Flexibility
  • Substantially Stronger than Conventional Framing.
  • Lower Construction Cost
  • Total Superior Building Solution

Finishing a Techbuilt Systems Home:

  • General Carpentry skills are all that is needed to finish a home constructed with Techbuilt panelized wall and roof system
  • Roof Finish: After panel joints are sealed, ½" OSB or plywood is fastened to the steel structural members in the roof panels and then felt paper and shingles are installed.
  • Exterior Siding: is directly applied to the Techbuilt panels.
  • Windows and Doors: are "ready to install" in a Techbuilt System home because of the exacting standards used to cut rough openings prior to delivery
  • Interior partition walls: are generally constructed of either wood or steel 2 x 4s and sheathed with drywall as in conventional frame construction.
  • Horizontal Wiring: runs are engineered into the panels prior to assembly, so field wiring is simplified. Vertical runs can be field routed with minimal effort.
  • Electrical Boxes: are field screwed to the structural support members in the wall panels

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