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ICG / Energy focuses on the generation, distribution and management of clean, renewable and affordable energy solutions for the African Continent.

ICG / Energy is a subsidiary of International Consulting Group, Inc.

From an asset based economic development perspective, our business model is predicated upon the development and enhancement of local capacity as a conduit to economic self-sufficiency.

ICG / E nergy focuses on developing in Africa , a set of advanced, agile and reliable clean energy solution strategies while utilizing local manpower. ICG / Energy has put together a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals to build and/or co-own high performing and very advanced Solar and Wind Energy Service Networks in several African countries.

These projects will be implemented in partnership with local public and private African energy companies, local Government Authorities, Private and Public Investors, Infrastructure/Equipment Builders, Energy Service Providers, and Energy Companies that currently have the most Advanced, most Innovative and most Reliable Renewable Energy Technology.

ICG / Energy proposes to build and/or co-own in targeted African countries a seamless and responsive Solar and/or Wind based energy system utilizing a variety of cutting edge Technology and Best Practices in energy generation, distribution, commercialization and management.

In summary, ICG / Energy plans to fully participate in the enhancement of the current local African energy Technology and the improvement of its service and capacity by providing a comprehensive and total energy solution that would play a critical role in the ever so important economic growth of targeted countries.

Local Service providers would then be allowed to share such high capacity, efficient and advanced Energy Infrastructure for a reasonable fee.

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Advanced & Innovative Clean Renewable Energy Technologies For AFRICA Focus: Solar and Wind Energy

EMISSIONS TRADING is a market-based scheme for environmental improvement that allows parties to buy and sell permits for emissions or credits for reductions in emissions of certain pollutants.

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