Defining The Market For ICG

The U.S. government is the world's largest buyer of products and services. Purchases by military and civilian installations amount to nearly $200 billion a year, and include everything from complex space vehicles to janitorial services to cancer research.

In short, the government buys just about every category of commodity and service available.

ICG is fully committed to the pursuit of the vast buying power of the United States Federal Government through deliberate and effective marketing of its products and services.

The United States Government Procurement system represents a great market niche that ICG intends to intensely focus on; as a small business; in order to secure profitable contracts, in spite of the numerous and complex federal regulations that come with it.

By law, federal agencies are required to establish contracting goals, such that 23% of all government buys are intended to go to small businesses. In addition, contract goals are established for women-owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, firms located in HUBZones and service disabled veteran-owned businesses. These government-wide goals, which are not always achieved, are 5%, 5%, 3% and 3%, respectively. They are important, however, because federal agencies have a statutory obligation to reach-out and consider small businesses for procurement opportunities. It is up to you to market and match your business products and services to the buying needs of federal agencies.

ICG understands that selling to the federal government is, in some ways, similar to selling to the private sector. While federal procurement procedures may have a different set of rules and regulations, many of the same marketing techniques and strategies you already employ may work here.

ICG 's Team intends to use their common business sense and take the following approach:

  • Get to know the US Government Agency it is dealing with and understand the context in which ICG products or services could be used.
  • Obtain available information on past awards, quantities, costs and awarders.
  • Become known to potential US Government Purchasers.
  • Make sure the entire Team understands in what context ICG Products and Services can best be used by the US Federal Government and their contractors.
  • Ensure ICG Team fully grasps what the US Government Agencies will look for when considering ICG for a contract award.
  • Keep in mind that financial status, staff capabilities and track record are all of interest to the US Government Agencies.

For more information, download our full report on USA Federal Government Procurement.

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Download our full report on USA Federal Government Procurement.

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