Introducing The Telephone Display System

Until now, if you wanted to see who you were talking to on the phone, you needed pricey hardware or complicated computer programs and cameras. The Telephone Display System (TDS) hooks up just like an answering machine, connecting between the phone jack on the wall and any standard home telephone-including cordless phones.

Performance Features

TDS offers three viewing options: a snapshot/privacy option, the ability to select from a range of detail/movement settings, and a video confirmation button.

  • Three viewing choices - Self-view, Other party view or Combo view.
  • Snapshot/Privacy option - send a high-resolution video image and temporarily halt any new video transmission, until you want it to continue.
  • Detail/movement control to select the degree of definition.
  • Supports Caller ID (if you have this with your local phone service provider).
  • Video confirmation - no video is sent until you approve transmission.
  • No service fees, contracts or subscriptions.
  • No additional cost to your phone call.

Design Features

TDS was designed to be easy to set up and easy to use. Its smooth graceful curves, ultra-slim shape, and two-tone color scheme look natural in any home environment.

  • Easy set up - Plug your phone to TDS, and TDS to your wall phone jack
  • 3.5" LCD screen
  • Skid-proof base
  • Tinted acrylic frame
  • Recessed control buttons
  • Lightweight and portable

Minimum Quantity: 500 Pairs


  • SAMPLES are available at BUYERS' own expense.
  • To order Samples, please ADD USD $20.00 per Unit to the price indicated above.
  • The FULL AMOUNT for the Samples Must be received by I nternational C ommerce G roup prior to shipment of Samples.
  • When you purchase the required minimum order, ICG will refund your full sample price.

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