Advanced & Innovative Clean Renewable Energy Technologies For AFRICA Focus: Solar and Wind Energy

The Problem:

Over the years Africa has struggled severely with a number of its infrastructure developed towards the end of the colonial rule period and in the early stages of independence.

Among the most affected areas, the Energy Industry.

Africa 's energy infrastructure is still not developed at the necessary advanced scale and capacity.

In many African Countries, it is not uncommon to witness daily power outages for extended period of times. This is obviously a serious situation that negatively impacts the economy.

For African countries to reach their full potential, it is imperative to see critical sectors such as Energy be developed using most advanced and most innovative technologies and best practices.

The current local energy infrastructure has been plagued with obsolete machinery/equipment, inadequate grid capacity, overpriced services, gross mismanagement, lack of investment, obsolete technology and techniques, lack of clear forward thinking strategies, red tape and unmet demands.

Other problems range from daily service interruption, lack of proper controls, inadequate network coverage and failure to fully utilize and manage local renewable energy resources such as the SUN, the WIND and WATER.

In remote areas, those who are left without any type of energy and those who could not afford the overpriced service have systematically destroyed vast areas of forest for wood.

The full negative impact of the ecological damage has not yet been fully captured and its effects will continue for years to come.

As demand for Energy in African countries grows at an exponential rate, service providers are struggling to upgrade and build new and better performing infrastructure/equipment and systems.

Furthermore, these local operators have not yet taken advantage of the latest most advanced, cost-effective and innovative Renewable Energy Technology.

Therefore, the overall Energy service in the continent is poor or at best mediocre and very expensive.

In most African countries, there have been efforts by private citizens and NGOs to try and turn things around in a positive way; however, many of these noble efforts have been met with indifference and lack of commitment from decision makers.

Furthermore, these efforts did not fully succeed because the organizers failed to present an Asset-Based Economic Development business model to the local authorities.

In most African countries, local authorities are ready, willing and able to fully commit to an asset-based economic development proposition. They have already made a psychological adjustment and would fully embrace such concept.

The Purpose:

ICG Energy has put together a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals to build and/or co-own high performing and very advanced Solar and Wind Energy Service Networks in several African countries.

These projects will be implemented in partnership with local public and private African energy companies, local Government Authorities, Private and Public Investors, Infrastructure/Equipment Builders, Energy Service Providers, and Energy Companies that currently have the most Advanced, most Innovative and most Reliable Renewable Energy Technology.

ICG Energy proposes to build and/or co-own in targeted African countries a seamless and responsive Solar and/or Wind based energy system utilizing a variety of cutting edge Technology and Best Practices in energy generation, distribution, commercialization and management.

In summary, ICG Energy plans to fully participate in the enhancement of the current local African energy Technology and the improvement of its service and capacity by providing a comprehensive and total energy solution that would play a critical role in the ever so important economic growth of targeted countries.

Local Service providers would then be allowed to share such high capacity, efficient and advanced Energy Infrastructure for a reasonable fee.

Value Proposition - ICG/Telecom's Competence and know-How:

Several convergent factors make ICG Energy's positioning unique relative to the development of an effective Solar & Wind-based Energy Infrastructure in Africa :

  • An existing state-of-the-art team of experts:
    ICG Energy mantra is: focus on your core competence and partner for business solutions . Through Strategic Business Process Outsourcing (SBPO) and a global scanning of energy know-how, ICG Energy is able to bring in the " best-in-class" to each of its projects.
  • ICG Energy will create an environment within which next generation equipment and the most advanced Solar & Wind-based Energy Technology can be utilized:
    The Solar & Wind-based Energy System ICG Energy envisions for the near future will involve all the innovative facilities, techniques and instrumentalities engaged in generating, distributing, managing and selling energy throughout the African Continent.
    This will be done one country at a time using strong personal and professional ties that have been developed with local decision makers.
  • An integrated strategy focused on enhancing local competencies:
    ICG Energy fully understands that the success of an effective Solar & Wind-based Energy Infrastructure is driven in part by the development local resources and skill sets. By involving local energy entities and personnel in the project planning, coordination, implementation and management process, we will begin to assist in the development of the next generation of skilled labor force crucial to the stimulation of economic development activities and global competitiveness.
  • ICG Energy 's core value proposition is based on the following outcomes:
    • An advanced, innovative, flexible and easily upgradeable Solar and/or Wind-based Energy System that provides superior total solution.
    • Best Practices in Energy Generation, Distribution, Commercialization and Management to create sustained competitive advantage.
    • Faster Service Deployment at Low Cost and Reduced Operating Costs.
    • Highest Degree of Network Service Reliability. System optimized for high performance and superior reliability.
    • Ultimate Level of Network Service Quality. Customer Satisfaction is top priority.
    • Affordability for customers.


Based on preliminary studies and discussions with authorities in some African countries ICG Energy has decided to focus primarily on the following two approaches:

  1. In the Short Term :
    Provide stand-alone, efficient, safe, reliable, affordable and easy to install Complete Back Up Solar Electric Systems.
    These systems could be used for homes, hotels, office buildings, government facilities, hospitals, etc. in cities as well as remote areas. Proven Technology!
  2. In the Medium and Long Term :
    Build a seamless and responsive Solar and/or Wind based energy system utilizing a variety of cutting edge Technology and Best Practices in energy generation, distribution, commercialization and management.

Scope of Work:

The specific work plan will include:

  1. Getting Government mandate/Permits/Licenses/Partnership Agreement
  2. Getting Private Local Authorized Operators into A Partnership Agreement
  3. Initiate negotiations with European and North American Energy Companies that have the Most Advanced, Most Innovative and Most Adequate Technology.
  4. Initiate negotiations with potential investors (Local and Foreign)
  5. Finalize the Business Plan and Describe all the phases, if necessary.
  6. Finalize all the Joint Venture Agreements
  7. Assess Implementation of Marketing Strategy
  8. Commence Roll Out.
  9. Conduct Beta Testing
  10. Go on line.

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Advanced & Innovative Clean Renewable Energy Technologies For AFRICA Focus: Solar and Wind Energy

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