ICG / Telecom is a subsidiary of International Consulting Group, I nc.

ICG / Telecom core competence is centered around the identification and utilization of cutting edge telecommunications technology.

ICG / Telecom will build and co-own high performing, streamlined and innovative Telecommunications Infrastructures including Video, Wireless, Data and Voice Broadband Transmission Service Networks in several African countries.

ICG / Telecom will also provide a seamless, reliable and effective Co-Location telecommunications infrastructure utilizing a variety of wireless and wired systems for universal connectivity across all media types such as voice , data and video .

ICG / Telecom 's prime directive is focused on developing an agile and responsive telecommunications infrastructure and service in the African continent utilizing local manpower.

From an asset based economic development perspective, our business model is predicated upon the development and enhancement of local capacity as a conduit to economic self-sufficiency.

All projects these projects will be carried out in partnership with local public and private African telecommunications companies, local African Government Authorities, Private and Public Investors, Professional Tower/Antennas Builders, Professional Telecommunications and Internet service providers, and Professional Telecommunications Companies that currently have the Most Advanced and Most Reliable Technology.

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Advanced Fiber & Satellite-Based Telecommunications Technology for Voice, Data, Internet and Video in AFRICA

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