International Commerce Group provides consulting services and representation to Food/Agricultural and General Merchandise Producers and Manufacturers in Brazil , North America and Asia.

International Commerce Group is a subsidiary of International Consulting Group, Inc.

Services include: Product Distribution, Business Representation, Due Diligence to qualify serious and capable buyers, New Market Penetration, Global Transaction Facilitation, Outcome Based Marketing Strategy within the context of exposure and profitability.


  • Product Distribution
  • Business Representation.
  • Due Diligence to qualify serious and capable buyers
  • Marketing Strategy to increase exposure and profitability
  • New Market Penetration
  • Global Transaction Facilitation


  • Facilitate transactions between global buyers and sellers with a discriminating focus on competitive pricing, product quality and a process that begins and ends with total and highly responsive solution for the client.
  • Provide Customized Approach for capacity building and business sustainability to Minority Entrepreneurs.
  • Deliver Customized Approach for Innovative Urban Economic Development Projects.


•  Experience: Thirty years of combined International Trading, Business and Economic Development experience.

•  Trust : A group of skilled, sophisticated and dedicated Associates who have developed long-term friendships and working relationships with our buyers throughout our target market.

•  Toll Position : Direct relationships with all distributors, producers and manufacturers.

Customer Focus : We do not engage in any transaction without fully understanding what the customer wants. We shape 'our ears to the sound of our customers' voice.
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