Advanced Fiber & Satellite-Based Telecommunications Technology for Voice, Data, Internet and Video in AFRICA 

The Problem:

Over the years Africa has failed to take full advantage of the technology boom.

Among the most affected areas, the telecommunications industry.

Africa 's telecommunications infrastructure is not developed at the necessary advanced scale and capacity.

The current infrastructure has been plagued with silo initiatives, overpriced services, uncoordinated activities, unmet demands and a product driven strategy. Other problems range from interference and service interruption, to unreliable service, obsolete equipment, inadequate network coverage, troubles with network integration and handset interoperability.

In most African countries, it is currently easier to get a cell phone unit than to get a landline phone. Local cell phone users have already made a psychological adjustment and fully embrace the prepaid cell phone service concept as well as other services.

As demand for Advanced Wireless and Wired Services in the areas of Voice, Data, Internet and Video in African countries grows at an exponential rate, service providers are struggling to upgrade and build new and better performing infrastructure/equipment.

Furthermore, these local operators have not yet taken advantage of the latest most advanced, cost-effective and innovative Telecommunications Technology.

Therefore, the overall Telecommunications service in the continent is poor or at best mediocre and very expensive.

The Purpose:

ICG/Telecom has a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals to build and/or co-own high performing and very advanced Satellite-Based Telecommunications Service Networks in several African countries.

These projects will be carried out in partnership with local public and private African telecommunications companies, local African Government Authorities, Private and Public Investors, Professional Tower/Antennas Builders, Professional Telecommunications and Internet service providers, and Professional Telecommunications Companies that currently have the Most Advanced and Most Reliable Technology.

ICG/Telecom proposes to build and/or co-own in those targeted African countries a seamless and responsive satellite-based telecommunications infrastructure utilizing a variety of wireless and wired systems for universal connectivity across all media types such as voice , data, Internet and video .

Any local Broadband Transmission Service provider could share these high capacity and advanced Voice, Data, Internet and Video Telecommunications Towers and Antennas for a reasonable fee. This is widely known as Co-Location .

ICG/Telecom plans to participate in the enhancement of the current local African Telecommunications Technology and the improvement of its service and capacity.

Value Proposition - ICG/Telecom's Competence and know-How:

Several convergent factors make ICG/Telecom's positioning unique relative to the development of an effective satellite-based telecommunications infrastructure:

  • An existing state-of-the-art team of experts:
    ICG/Telecom mantra is: focus on your core competence and partner for business solutions . Through Strategic Business Process Outsourcing (SBPO) and a global scanning of telecommunications know-how, ICG/Telecom has been able to bring the " best in class" to each of its projects.
  • ICG/Telecom will create an environment within which next generation equipment and the most advanced satellite-based telecommunications technology can be utilized:
    The satellite-based information infrastructure ICG/Telecom envisions for the near future will involve all the facilities and instrumentalities engaged in delivering and disseminating information throughout the African Continent, including telecommunications industry (i.e. telephony), mass media (broadcasting and cable television service), etc.
  • An integrated strategy focused on enhancing local competencies:
    ICG/Telecom fully understands that the success of an effective satellite-based telecommunications infrastructure is driven in part by developing local resources and skill sets. By involving local telecommunication entities and personnel in the project planning, coordination, implementation and management process, we will begin to assist in the development of the next generation of skilled labor force crucial to the stimulation of economic development activities and global competitiveness.


Based on preliminary studies and discussions with authorities in some African countries ICG/Telecom has decided to focus primarily on projects such as the following:

  1. Advanced Total Solution for strategic, efficient and cost-effective Wireless and Wired deployment.
  2. Build a combination of fiber and Satellite technology to provide highly advanced Internet services including VoIP.
  3. Develop a combination of Fiber Optic and Satellite Technology to provide total seamless solution to Wired and Wireless infrastructure, quality of service, reliability and affordability. Thus delivering adequately upgraded and highly efficient services through all media such as Voice, Data, Internet and Video.
  4. Build State-of-the-art Domestic Transit and Co-Location Center (Switch Center) for Local Network Operators and Service Providers.

Scope of Work:

The specific work plan will include:

  1. Getting Government mandate/Permits/Licenses/Partnership Agreement
  2. Getting Private Local Authorized Operators into A Partnership Agreement
  3. Initiate negotiations with Telecommunications Companies who have the Most Advanced and Most Adequate Technology.
  4. Initiate negotiations with potential investors (Local and Foreign)
  5. Finalize the Business Plan and Describe all the phases, if necessary.
  6. Finalize all the Joint Venture Agreements
  7. Assess Implementation of Marketing Strategy
  8. Commence Roll Out.
  9. Conduct Beta Testing
  10. Go on line.

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Advanced Fiber & Satellite-Based Telecommunications Technology for Voice, Data, Internet and Video in AFRICA

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